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Sassoon Docks

|| When the 142-year-old Dock gets revamped ||

The finest and the proficiency of various artists over the country came together to revive and accessories this one of the oldest docks in Mumbai. Situated just off the Cuffe Parade in South Mumbai, the Dockyard is around 2 kilometers from the famous Regal Cinema.

A cab from Churchgate station took us to this place in the afternoon at approx 90 INR (in meter). Right from the main gate to the art project building, one would sense the extremely pungent smell till the olfactory system adjusts.

The colorful building just opposite the Dockyard would instantly attract your vision as you reach. There is a very basic registration process before entering. As of now, there are no entrance fees.

We personally preferred to visit Dockyard before entering the Sassoon Dock Art gallery.

As you can see in the images in the mid-afternoon, the dockyard was silent and Somnolent and devoid of any activities. Very few were there around it too. All the fishing boats were anchored and kept.

The Art Museum, after this, was altogether another experience with all the creativity, skills and hard work put in. Every corner was different and out of the box thoughts being applied. Graffiti and exhibition were worth the time we spent and chilled our eyes thoroughly. Let’s have a glimpse of this through the photo tour:

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