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Cuisines of Kerala you should not miss!!

Neither a connoisseur nor at all a good cook, my understanding with food is just limited to the taste buds, the taste to the eyes and the environment around.

So after being surrounded by some intelligent Malayalam friends in my college and listening from them the kind of food habits they have, I had the privilege of visiting Kerala 3 times and hence visiting and re-visiting the exquisite dishes of the Malabar.

Here are some of my recommendation that might calm down your soul and make you hover over their tastes –

1 Kerala Parotta: Ever if you are a die-hard fan of Aloo Paratha, you would love this one which covers in layers of wheat/maida sometimes soaked in vegetable oil. It goes and melts inside your mouth by itself. You might accompany it with only Dahi (curd) or some other Kerala special dish.

|| Kerala Paratha. Image Source: Chitra’s food book ||
|| Pleated balls of Kerala paratha. Image Source: Internet ||

2 Vegetable / Chicken stew (Kerala style): For all the health watchers, this particular dish has its own way of eluding your taste buds with healthy options. The Vegetable / Chicken being stewed in a special coconut white curry and other local spices added to it, your taste buds will surely get mesmerized in its aroma.

|| Chicken Stew. Image by Sunith Shyam ||
|| Chicken Stew. Image Source: nisahomey.com ||

3 Kerela special beef fry: To all the beef lovers, my Mallu friends have always told about their fetish over beef dishes. Having that at Kerala was a different feeling altogether. This beef dish is a bit dry gravy with the beef minced into tasty Kerala Spices. Let your senses deep into this meaty dish and you reach the ‘top of the world’ feeling.

|| Beef-dry. Image by Sunith shyam ||

4 Fish/Chicken Curry (Kerala Special): I had this dish in 2 places of Kerala and both carried me off with the same feeling. This dish is made of salt-water fish/chicken soaked in the curry made of local spices.

|| Chicken Steak in Kerala Style. Image by Aparajita Paul ||

5 Elaichi Tea (from Thekkady): Elaichi (cardamom) is a spice that is used by the Indians in their teas. But Thekkady, being one of the major producers of Elaichi, offers one of the best varieties of cardamom tea. Try to visit a spice plantation and enjoy the aroma sitting there only.

|| Elaichi Tree. Image Source: Internet ||

6 Appam: There is a lot to this single dish as Appam can be eaten with any of the curries I mentioned above and many more. A thin layer of rice baked and slightly fried, gets mixed with so many dishes smoothly to give you the fullness of heaven.

|| Appam. Image Source: Internet ||
There are of course many more great dishes from this region. Any suggestion from our readers is always welcome.

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