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Cherrapunjee – The Land of Rains

|| A day at Cherrapunjee ||

The ‘Land of Rains’, Cherrapunjee is the land where you can soak yourself to the happiness of the misty Nature, the land where your soul would like to dance to the rains, the place where you will want to go back again and again to touch the feather of the clouds, to re-find your lost soul.

Cherrapunjee, a city in the state of Meghalaya of India, experiences rains throughout the year, thus transforming it into a dreamy, peaceful valley always.

How to reach:

From Shillong (Capital of Meghalaya) to Cherrapunjee – around 60 Kms, taking around 2 hrs in a cab. The road is well maintained making the journey, not at all hectic.

|| Shillong Bus Stand. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

Some Quick Tips:

  1. Local Cabs of Cherrapunjee which are well maintained should be preferred as the roads may be a bit risky due to the rains.
  2. Umbrellas, Raincoats must be taken.
  3. Special rain protection equipment should be there for the Cameras if you carry any.
  4. Should wear a well-gripping rainy shoe.
  5. If one is claustrophobic, guide and necessary medications should be taken before entering the Mawsmalai caves.

Best time to visit:

May to August:

the heaviest rainfall takes place. So if you are one of those bravados to plunge into the splash of rains, go at this time.

September to October:

Provides a better sunny weather, with lesser rains. If you like to enjoy the hills with a sunny backdrop and a clear sky, make a choice for this season.

The Journey begins:

From Shillong, you need to start by 8:45 a.m. The journey is enjoyable as you will find yourself amidst the rain drenched nature. The Khasi tribes over here, though always remain busy in their day to day work, are extremely helpful and sweet.

|| Khasi Tribal Woman. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

In between, you will find the misty Cherrapunjee Bridge that will lead you towards the rest of your journey. The local stalls will offer you their special chai and breakfast items with all their hearty welcome.

Cherrapunjee, Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Cherrapunjee Bridge, Image by Aparajita Paul ||

The next destination can be the famous Elephanta Falls. During the month of rainy seasons, it turns out to be a real giant gasping out the water making a royal sound itself within nature. You will feel like a little kid in front of a huge giant while standing on the man-made bridge crossing across the waterfall.

|| Elephanta falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Elephanta Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Elephanta Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

At Wah-Kaba Falls, the journey to reach close to the extremes of the flow will be experienced. Due to rains going down through the rocky stairs, making it more risky and slippery, it will remind how much each step matters in your movement. It is itself an enjoyable journey which any of the adventure seekers will love. The surroundings veiling itself under the cacophony of clouds make it more mystical and beautiful. If you want more of it, you have to raise your curiosity even more. The source of the falls, you may see to be the most serene, as if it is getting ready for its final jump. And when the turbulence arises at the verge, the royal enchanting can be felt easily from the waves. It’s a transition that will happen just before your eye, keeping you thinking of such a rapid change that the human beings go through their life.

River, Cherrapunjee, Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Cherrapunjee River, Shillong, Image by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Wah Kaba Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Top of the Wah Kaba Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

After a sumptuous lunch with the north-eastern delicacies at the cafe near the caves, the Mawsmai (translating to ‘Oath Stone’) Caves will offer you the perfect adventure caving experience. Though the caves are long enough, only a distance of 150 meters is open for the tourists. This magnificent natural wonder is the handwork of years of natural abrasion and underground water.

|| Caves. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| At the exit of the Caves. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

You have to take off your shoes before entering the caves as the stones are slippery at some places due to the presence of dripping waters. Though it is well-lighted, it is still not much friendly for a normal camera to take some good snaps. If you have not a good water protection for your camera, it would be advisable to keep your camera inside and enjoy the journey through the rocks. You have to make ways through the rocks in some places, making yourself jump, leap, bend, side-cut many times. At times, you will feel like going back, but after overcoming these challenges, you will feel the sense of achievement and would surely be more confident of yourself. In whole it’s hard, it’s challenging and it’s fun.

After the caving experience, you would like to find some solace into nature’s lap. This will become the perfect time to go to the View-Point of the Seven Sister Falls. The vast scenic beauty of the hills playing with the mild clouds (as it was in the afternoon time) will make you find the meaning to your own existence. The view looks like a series of streams of seven flowing merrily together (if u are lucky enough to relish this godly view). It would be a feel of a fearless attempt to taste the nature through all your five senses. The adrenaline may not pump, but the mind would surely be triggered enough to imbibe that freedom that will give you an extreme calmness within yourself.

|| At 7 Sister Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| At 7 Sisters Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Nature. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||
|| Nature’s Beauty – 7 Sisters Falls. Photography by Aparajita Paul ||

The gigantic slopes will make you realise the controlled calmness that nature can show, the generous ways that nature takes to cool down all the heats. The greenery will, of course, soothe your eyes when you may feel energetic from your heart within.

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