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You need to make the most out of this list for best of Instagram post!!

Two months have already gone by and your traveling shoes might have not yet been used as much as you had expected. Moreover, you must have been so jealous of your friends’ Instagram account who post photos of their sweet vacations and tag you.

Look at this list where we found out few places for your best Instagram pics and go make your friends jealous about your life goals.

1. Snow and Adventure trips – Yumthang Valley, North Sikkim

A serene opportunity to give a ‘free-zed’ hug to your friends on this trip. Not just it will remain as a lifetime experience, you will come back with lots of memories and photos.

Gurudongmar Lake, snow covered, religious, Horizon, Lachen, North Sikkim, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown Image by: Aparajita Paul
|| Gurudongmar Lake; Picture Courtesy: Aparajita Paul ||

P.S.: Kindly upload your Instagram photos after coming back to Lachung and enjoy the Nature in the pristine valley.

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2. Bike Trek – Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Every biker’s dream and your chance to show the thug to your Instagram friends. This valley is again an option to enjoy yourself close to Nature and get back with lots of memories and photos of course.

spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh, Instagram-able pictures, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Umesh Nanawarre
|| Demul village in Spiti; Photo by Umesh Nanawarre ||
\spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh, Instagram-able pictures, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by 'TheMotorCycleTrail'
|| Picture Courtesy: The Motor Cycle Trail ||

P.S.: You don’t need to be a great photographer to capture the beauty of Nature. Nature poses here elegantly always.

3. Royal Havelis – Udaipur, Rajasthan

Tired of the present? Get some glances into the life of the Maharajas. Stay in a Haveli, or visit one in this city, or enjoy the sunset over the Lake, you will get the essence of this place through every bit of it. Surely, your Instagram friends are going to get jealous over your vacation goals.

|| Udaipur; Photo by Saad Akhtar ||

P.S.: Enjoy the marvelous life of the kings and the by-gone era of these Havelis by staying in one of them.

4. Sunset on Beaches – Goa

Life on the beaches, with some tipsy-topsy friends make the ultimate goals for a picture perfect sunset over the sea. And a beach holiday.

|| Goa Sunset; Photo by Bobby Joshi ||

P.S.: Be in your beach swag for that perfect Instagram pose.

5. Backwaters – Kerala

The aura of backwaters and a tranquil Nature-made horizon of palm trees, make your holidays enjoyable staying in one of the house-boats. Surely, your trip to Kerala backwaters would revise your friends’ goals for a quiet vacation.

houseboat, Migratory birds, Alleppey, Alappuzzha, Backwaters, god's Own country, Kerela, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Backwaters, Kerela; Photo by Aparajita Paul ||

P.S.: Don’t forget to stay in a resort and get treated to a special Ayurvedic spa.

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6. Culture and Town – Varanasi

Aren’t you so religious? Don’t worry, you will fall in love with this city. Starting from the breathtaking mornings over the Ghats to the ‘shaadhu-babas’ and their life’s to the narrow lanes within the city to the local foods – it has the right blend to offer you the taste of old India with a cultural backdrop.

|| Varanasi; Image source:

Streets of Varanasi; Image source:

P.S.: Don’t forget to get some snaps while you travel the lanes and the ghats on your feet to get those perfect Instagram posts.

7. Tea Gardens – Munnar

Want to be in the hills to experience the love for tea? Or want some small adventures with your friends. Munnar is one of the best hill stations to stay. Get a group of your friends, book a resort and get 2-3 days of holiday, and you are done. Be ready to return with not only a relaxed mind but memories of some breathtaking sceneries painted by nature itself for you.

Coffee Plantations, Munnar, Kerala, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Coffee Plantation, Munnar; Image by Aparajita Paul ||

P.S.: Homestays provide great lodging and homely feeling for this perfect holiday.

8. Waterfalls and NatureNohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

This ‘land of rains’ gives some serious challenges to other hill stations when it comes to Nature’s beauty. The waterfalls are just an add-on with all their elegance and ecstasy.

Cherrapunjee, Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Cherrapunjee, Image by Aparajita Paul ||
River, Cherrapunjee, Shillong, Arunachal Pradesh, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul
|| Cherrapunjee River, Shillong, Image by Aparajita Paul ||

P.S: Prefer to give a visit in the post monsoon season to get the best out of the place as the waterfalls will be at their best, and don’t forget to get some pictures for your friends.

9. Coffee-making farms – Coorg

Ever thought of going back to the basics of the making while sipping over your cappuccino or that cold coffee shake? Coorg has its own way to offer that experience among its lovely small hill-station.

Raja Seat, Coorg, PR, Pristine Routes, Image source
|| Coorg, Image source: ||

P.S.: Get some pictures of your visit to the Coffee farms, to keep as memories. Visit the Golden temple too.

10. City life – Mumbai

The ‘City of Dreams’, or the city where you would know the best of urban India. Always busy on its own, this city has to offer a lot to everyone who visits it. Get yourself a quick dress up and pay a visit to the Marine drive or India Gate or Juhu beach (of course there are many places to enjoy apart from these 3), you will surely love to share a few moments with your Instagram friends.

Gateway of India, Mumbai; Pristine Routes; Photo Source
|| Gateway of India, Photo Source ||

P.S.: Get a swag pose before the Indian Gate, or a moment out of the Marine drive, your friends would always love to like this place in your Instagram post.

So, let’s make some plans and start ticking on for the year 2017!

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