Theyyam, Fire Dance, North Kerala, Cultural Dance, Rituals, Kerala, Kannur, Pristine Routes (PR), Journey Towards Unknown, Image by Aparajita Paul

Theyyam Photography by Aparajita Paul

Some Dance, Some Cultures and a mix of Emotions!

A visit to the very rich culture of North Malabar coast of India – the ritual – cum – dance, Theyyam (also known as Kaliyattam). This ritual integrates not only dance, but also mime and music, and still elegantly preserves the rudiments of ancient tribal cultures of North Kerala.

There are around 400 Theyyam forms. Mostly 8 – 9 forms are performed in front of shrines and devotees without any stage or curtains, by persons belonging to the Vannan, Malayan and other related castes. One can watch from the start of preparation of each and every puja, the makeup of the persons who perform to the process of the rituals very closely.

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  1. Good but no mention of our website

    1. Sorry for not mentioning it. This was more of a picture post. A detailed post with travel experience will be posted soon and there the website address will be there with a link.

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