Starting from a simple idea of a travel blog, we Aparajita Paul and Ashutosh Agrawal, are trying to bring forward different parts of the world through the stories of avid travelers. It is a forum where anyone can share their travel stories, the musings around their cities and a lot more. Pristine Routes is an open window to the thoughts to flow towards the open breeze and get refreshed

What ‘Pristine Routes’ says? Why we are here?

PR helps you to travel the untraveled, know the unknown, and conquer the unconquered. It shows you the different routes, the new destinations that you can take, that are still left untouched at its real pristine beauty. We want you to be the first, see the real, and indulge in the vastness of the Mother Nature.


We invite all of you to share your own stories, the extravagant daily life where you have a lot to tell.


We believe its not just about a tour, there is a lot more always to share.


The Team,

Pristine Routes

Meet the Team

We believe its not just about a tour, there is a lot more always to share.

Pristine Routes


Aparajita Paul

Co-founder & CEO

Traveler, Photographer & Blog Curator

An unintentional dreamer, an engineer by no choice and a wandering soul by nature, who is trying to capture moments and share with everyone. This blog has been a dream come true to that thirsty soul of a story teller.

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Ashutosh Agrawal


Traveler & Website Manager

An engineer by will and a day dreamer by choice, the co-thinker of this blog loves technology and roaming around to explore new places.

Next Steps...

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